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thread; [info]gildedruin [29 Dec 2018|02:38pm]
The winter holiday was brutal on his skin and the peppermint moisturizer was too strong for his liking, but it would have to do on as far as his face was concerned. Even with his advanced genetic make-up, being something beyond human, he still could not avoid the idea of dry skin. Not as dry as an average human, but enough to bother him. And yet, it was well after the winter holiday and he smelled like a Christmas tree.

To distract himself from the slight irritations of the situation, he sent a message to his handsome company and offered to meet him at Darkwell for a few drinks. He arrived first and reserved a booth on the balcony, his favorite spot. It was in the corner, but it overlooked the entire club, but it was secluded enough to converse without having to raise one's voice.

Glancing down at his phone, browsing through his social media feeds, he heard familiar steps coming towards the booth. Smiling ear to ear, Daniel looked up to this gorgeous man. "I ordered your usual, I hope this is all right?"
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ooc [20 Aug 2017|04:18pm]

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